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  1. The company still lags behind its peers in many important efficiency measures.
  2. The cell's efficiency exceeded 99 %, while round-trip efficiency measured 84 %.
  3. "It's not just volume, it's actual enhancement from efficiency measures ."
  4. Common efficiency measures encourage production of parts in large batch sizes.
  5. The company depicted the resignation of Marineau as an efficiency measure.
  6. This includes energy efficiency measures-both technical and behavioural-and renewable energy installations.
  7. It will continue to discuss efficiency measures in special areas of operations including manpower.
  8. Jobs are in doubt, many seriously threatened by technological change and corporate efficiency measures.
  9. In it, he recommended the closure of Camp San Marcial as an efficiency measure.
  10. One of his most important changes was the introduction of new technology and efficiency measures.
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