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  1. His ideological baggage is almost as heavy as his personal embonpoint.
  2. It went down all pulpy, slushy, oozy, all its delicious embonpoint melted down my throat.
  3. A little embonpoint looks far more attractive than as if you've already gone through the embalming process IMNSHO!
  4. Unfortunately, Charlotte, still playing youthful parts in her late-40's was no longer in the prime of life, and her figure had grown bulky-" far beyond the sphere of embonpoint " as Dunlap commented.
  5. She is inclined to " embonpoint ", but she is very handsome on the stage, with dangerous eyes the whitest shoulder in the world and a sense of enjoyment in her acting, which your audience will not be able to resist.
  6. Il eut l honneur d �tre brigadier du canot qui porta le roi en rade; en rentrant dans l embarcation pour retourner ?terre, le roi fit un faux pas; Marigny le saisit aussit�t dans ses bras, et, malgr?l embonpoint du monarque, il le porta jusque dans la chambre du canot . lui dit Louis XVI . Le ton de respect et d enthousiasme dont le vicomte de Marigny accompagna ces paroles, parut faire impression sur Louis XVI, et il y a lieu de croire que cette circonstance fut la source des sentiments que ce dernier conserva toujours pour lui.
  7. In Southey's personal appearance, there is something eccentric, even off-putting : he " walks with his chin erect through the streets of London, and with an umbrella sticking out under his arm, in the finest weather . " " With a tall, loose figure, a peaked austerity of countenance, and no inclination to " embonpoint ", you would say he has something puritanical, something ascetic in his appearance . " Hazlitt hopes the negative aspects of his character will dissipate, wishing that Southey live up to his own ideal as expressed in his poem " The Holly-Tree " so that " as he mellows into maturer age, all [ his ] asperities may wear off . . . ."
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