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  1. The VCAT has jurisdiction to hear and determine disputes under over 200 enabling provisions.
  2. The Act also contains enabling provisions for the Minister of Transport to make or review regulations and procedures.
  3. The Library's role in the University's academic activity is based on professional specialization, which enables provision of information services in a wide variety of disciplines and information types.
  4. "' Ministry of Works and Human Settlement ( Bhutan ) "'is ministry of Bhutan responsible for enabling provision of physical infrastructure, environmentally sound and embodying the Bhutanese Cultural and traditional values to foster socio-economic development.
  5. In 1899, Delaware followed New Jersey's lead with the enactment of an enabling corporate statute, but Delaware only became the leading corporate state after the enabling provisions of the 1896 New Jersey corporate law were repealed in 1913.
  6. "' Section 5 of the Indian Limitation Act, 1963 ( Act 36 of 1963 ) "'is an enabling provision to assist the litigants who failed to do an act within the prescribed time period as originally fixed under various enactments.
  7. The Act deals predominantly with criminal courts'administration, though certain sections deal with civil matters ( notably creating a post of " Head of Civil Justice ", enabling provisions for family procedure rules, and amendments to its civil procedure equivalent ).
  8. The validity of all the above four amendments was challenged in the Supreme Court through various petitions clubbed together in " M . Nagaraj & Others vs . Union of India & Others ", mainly on the ground that these altered the enabling provisions.
  9. The concept of SWS can be seen as an extension and integration of the wearable electronics ( wearable computers ) and intelligent textiles concepts ( e-textiles ) from isolated to fully ( web ) connected systems thus enabling provision of a new category of products, services and solutions.
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