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  1. DGRs involve constructing an array of tunnels a few hundred meters underground with a complex system of engineered barriers.
  2. The primary remedy for SL-1 was to be containment by capping with an engineered barrier constructed primarily of native materials.
  3. Thus, DGRs use the natural geological barrier to confine the waste, but also place heavy emphasis on the engineered barriers.
  4. The question of time is important because the reliance on engineered barriers to isolate waste at the site would not be possible 300, 000 years into the future.
  5. It places far less emphasis on engineered barriers and far more emphasis on using the natural geological barrier to confine the waste safely for a'geological'time period.
  6. At that time international research and experimentation began aimed at identifying the most appropriate materials and methods with concern to the construction of both the repository itself and the engineered barriers.
  7. Common elements of repositories include the radioactive waste, the containers enclosing the waste, other engineered barriers or seals around the containers, the tunnels housing the containers, and the geologic makeup of the surrounding area.
  8. The brief, filed in a suit in the U . S . Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia, includes Energy Department projections that if " engineered barriers " fail, Yucca will leak.
  9. Therefore, reactors have emergency core cooling systems to keep the temperature down, shielding to contain the radiation, and engineered barriers ( usually several, nested, surmounted by a containment building ) to prevent accidental leakage.
  10. However, the Yucca Mountain project has stalled due to political and geological problems, and in the Swedish model not all the problems have been fully solved regarding final installation of the waste and the design of the engineered barriers.
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