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  1. He's " enstooled ."
  2. He was enstooled " Omanhene " ( Chief ) of Amanokrom and " Gyasehene " of Akuapem in 1975.
  3. Additionally, Amen was enstooled by Nana Kwame Akuoko Sarpong as co-ruler of Agogo State in Ghana on November 18, 1985.
  4. Kofi Annan, who is a descendant of the Golden Stool of Ashanti, is a Royal of the Kronko Stool of Konongo and could be enstooled as Otudwehene.
  5. Chaneyfield Jenkins, along with late Councilman Donald Tucker, were enstooled as  Nana in Newark's sister city Kumasi in South Ghana .  Nana is a term signifying royalty in the West African nation.
  6. In 2000, Wallace was enstooled ( being placed in a position as an African traditional royal ) as a queen mother, being given the formal title of the Abradehemaa of Larteh-Kubease, Akuapem, Ghana, Africa.
  7. In 1981, in recognition of his versatility and the mystical powers he had over the African drums, he was enstooled as Odomankoma Kyrema ( The Divine Drummer ) by Aklowa, the African Heritage Village, based at Takeley, near London, England.
  8. As the enstooled " abradehemaa " or queen mother, she is known as Nana Ohemaa Agyiriwa, II . As such, she serves as queen mother of the Asona and Aberade clan families of the United States and Larteh-Kubease, Akuapem, Ghana, West Africa.
  9. In November 1985, Amen, along with fifty-four AAS members, attended the 50th anniversary of the restoration of the Ashanti Confederacy, at the invitation of the Asantehene in Kumasi, Ghana, West Africa where he was enstooled as an Omanhene of the Ashanti on November 15, 1985.
  10. Article 277 defines a chief as a person who has been properly nominated from the correct lineage and " enstooled, enskinned or installed as a Chief or a Queen Mother in accordance with the relevant customary law and usage . " In the summer of 2010, the National House of Chiefs in Ghana finally included 20 queen mothers.
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