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  1. An enthymeme is persuasive because the audience is providing the missing premise.
  2. Although Book II primarily focuses on ethos and pathos, Aristotle discusses paradigm and enthymeme as two common modes of persuasion.
  3. However, the enthymeme based upon logic ( especially, based upon the syllogism ) was viewed as the basis of rhetoric.
  4. Representative anecdote means conceptual pivot and is equated with a family of terms : enthymeme, thesis, topic sentence, theme.
  5. An " enthymeme " would follow today's form of a syllogism; however it would exclude either the major or minor premise.
  6. BooksII and III are primarily focused on Topics of dialectic ( syllogisms ), while BookIV concentrates on the unit of the rhetorical Topic, the enthymeme.
  7. In both cases the enthymeme is only probably true because there are other sources of coughs and children ( e . g . allergies and adoption ).
  8. Aristotle referred to the enthymeme as " the body of proof ", " the strongest of rhetorical proofs . . . a kind of syllogism " ( " Rhetoric"
  9. The use of " sententiae " has been explained by Aristotle ( when he discusses the " gnom?", or sententious maxim, as a form of enthymeme ), Quintilian, and other classical authorities.
  10. Amplification and deprecation, although not elements of an enthymeme, can contribute to refuting an opponent s enthymeme or revealing a falsehood by exposing it as just or unjust, good or evil, etc . Aristotle also mentions the koina, fallacious enthymemes, and lysis ( the refutation of an opponent s enthymeme ).
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