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  1. Further, the company offers small-ticket equipment financing services.
  2. _CitiCapital will be the new brand for our Equipment Finance business.
  3. Citigroup has its own aircraft leasing business through its global equipment finance unit.
  4. In 2012, it acquired Rochdale Investment Management and First American Equipment Finance.
  5. Loans for varied purposes like project finance, equipment finance and working capital finance.
  6. The two companies created the " EZ Approval " program for equipment financing.
  7. CIT's business includes equipment financing, leasing, factoring and lending to small businesses.
  8. BOQ acquired the equipment financing business of UFJ Bank in Australia and New Zealand in 2003.
  9. The innovation of payment and tax calculators by Crest Capital has impacted the equipment financing industry.
  10. In June 2012, CIT Vendor Finance awarded Birch a $ 7.5 million equipment financing deal.
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