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  1. To compare it with the equivalence ratio, we need to determine the fuel oxidizer ratio of ethane and oxygen mixture.
  2. If the scanner PID displays a " lambda " or " equivalence ratio, " the reading should be 1.0 under stoichiometric conditions.
  3. Stretch affects arise due to convective-diffusive-reactive imbalances within the inner flame structure and may vary depending on the fuel and equivalence ratio.
  4. The advantage of using equivalence ratio over fuel oxidizer ratio is that it takes into account ( and is therefore independent of ) both mass and molar values for the fuel and the oxidizer.
  5. The tendency is to run lean, an equivalence ratio less than 1, to reduce the combustion temperature and thus reduce the NOx emissions; however, running the combustion lean makes it very susceptible to combustion instability.
  6. However, this requires that the engine should be modified to operate in the ultra-lean region of the plot of compression ratio vs . air / fuel equivalence ratio ( lambda ), along with other modifications.
  7. The region of chemical heat release, the flame, whose thickness can be given as ? L, exists following the preheat region and its length is dependent upon mass flux, surface properties, and equivalence ratio.
  8. However, on some vehicles and scanners it will show up as " lambda " or " equivalence ratio . " If the PID displays a voltage reading, it should be equal to the sensor's reference voltage when the air / fuel mixture is ideal.
  9. Another advantage of using the equivalence ratio is that ratios greater than one always mean there is more fuel in the fuel oxidizer mixture than required for complete combustion ( stoichiometric reaction ), irrespective of the fuel and oxidizer being used while ratios less than one represent a deficiency of fuel or equivalently excess oxidizer in the mixture.
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