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  1. These establishments charge an " all-you-can handle " fee of about 75 to 90 euro.
  2. More over, the municipalities remained stagnant and the establishment charges had increased gradually to reach almost half of the income of the Municipalities.
  3. Former finance minister Rino Formica and ex-defense minister Vito Lattanzio are the latest members of Italy's collapsed political establishment charged in corruption cases.
  4. The survey also covers the priciest restaurants in the city, with a growing number of high-end establishments charging well above $ 100 a head.
  5. A " table d'h�te " establishment charged its customers a fixed price; the menu allowed customers to spend as much or as little money as they chose.
  6. In North America, establishments usually charge for the fish caught, by length or by weight, rather than for access to the site although some establishments charge both types of fees.
  7. Not only has the state targeted small businesses, many without the means to hire lawyers and fight back, but, they say, it has also done so unfairly, with auditors deciding what businesses owe based on their calculations, whether or not they jibe with what an establishment charges or gives away.
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