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  1. There was also a new estate car version of the Granada Scorpio.
  2. In April 1975 a 3-door estate car version was added to the range.
  3. Estate cars were produced in 1948 only and were not on general sale.
  4. It was more or less replaced by the superior Viva HC estate cars.
  5. Its successor was the aerodynamic Sierra, a range of hatchbacks and estate car.
  6. The vehicle was also available as an estate car from 1947 to 1953.
  7. Crime Division officers tend to use semi-marked or unmarked hatchback and estate cars.
  8. In 1979 Dutton launched the Dutton Sierra, an Escort-based estate car with off-road looks.
  9. They also offer more seats and increased load capacity than hatchbacks or estate cars.
  10. At the same time a kombi ( estate car ) version joined the range.
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