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  1. This line is clearly seen on the Bute Estate Maps of 1824.
  2. The outbuildings were constructed before 1831, when they appear on an estate map.
  3. An 1857 real estate map of the Madison Square area.
  4. The field name first appears in early modern estate maps.
  5. The first available map is the estate map of Ralph Beard dated to 1736.
  6. Evidence of landscaping dates to a 1641 estate map.
  7. Included in the sale were many documents, such as a large 18th century estate map.
  8. The estate map of 1779 shows a band of woodland running around the estate curtilage.
  9. He exercised the option in 1978, a move that put Trump on the real estate map.
  10. That's Park Place on the real estate map.
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