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  1. The initial driver was to meet European Common Market requirements in 1992.
  2. A more practical factor was Ireland's joining the European Common Market in 1973.
  3. He also was an economics correspondent in Brussels, covering the European Common Market.
  4. 1971-House of Commons votes in favor of England's entry into European Common Market.
  5. The focus for his thesis was the European Common Market.
  6. "The European Common Market is Israel's largest individual trading market and the closest one,"
  7. Danzas loses revenue because the European common market makes customs services in Europe less important.
  8. The Daily Mail, London, on the European Common Market:
  9. In 1973, Britain entered the European Common Market, stepping away from imperial and commonwealth trade ties.
  10. 1968-France bars Britain's entry into European Common Market.
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