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  1. It has 24 vertices : 12 exterior points, and 12 hidden inside.
  2. If an exterior point is on the opposite side of a sideline from the interior of the triangle, its trilinear coordinate associated with that sideline is negative.
  3. There are various inequalities for an arbitrary interior or exterior point in the plane in terms of the radius " r " of the triangle's inscribed circle.
  4. In fact suppose a region on the Riemann sphere is given by the exterior of " n " disjoint Jordan curves and that  " is an exterior point.
  5. If is an exterior point, first find the equation of its polar ( the above equation ) and then the intersections of that line with the conic, say at points and.
  6. As Hindus believe that God is inside everyone of us then it is not so much a question of having a relationship with God from an exterior point of view but more to strip off our ego and self idea to know the God that is inside everyone and everything.
  7. These locational features can be seen by considering the trilinear or barycentric coordinates given above for the circumcenter : all three coordinates are positive for any interior point, at least one coordinate is negative for any exterior point, and one coordinate is zero and two are positive for a non-vertex point on a side of the triangle.
  8. :Ray, EPLLA means the area of the effective light-emitting surface of a lamp, measured by determining the area of the 2-dimensional graphic representation of the lamp's lit lens area on a plane perpendicular to the lamp's reference axis and touching the most exterior point of the lens . " Reference axis " means the H V axis used for photometric requirements, " i . e . ", the effective centre of the lamp's beam pattern as produced at the lamp.
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