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  1. The fairways were absurdly narrow and the rough was fiendishly thick.
  2. Authorities say both are using the Internet in fiendishly clever ways.
  3. That's when the fiendishly clever Americans invented Hot Wheels.
  4. Maintaining that level of excellence would have been fiendishly difficult.
  5. The errors persist in part because they are fiendishly difficult to quantify.
  6. Then he still has the fiendishly complex Medicare reform to deal with.
  7. They fiendishly oppose everything that Tracy and Edna represent ).
  8. Technically, it is among the most fiendishly challenging coloratura soprano arias.
  9. Soprano Melanie Helton originated the " fiendishly difficult role of Venus ."
  10. You've made a good job of a fiendishly complicated subject.
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