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  1. Many hardware stores have this stuff, but they call it " finishing coat " for making fiberglas.
  2. A protective finishing coat is applied after polishing to preserve the surface and help resist further oxidation or weathering.
  3. There are also many various acrylic-bound pigmented'designer'finishing coats that can be applied over acrylic render.
  4. The final layer is referred to as the " color coat " or " finishing coat ", and is typically 3 mm ( 1 / 8 " ) thick.
  5. A "'protective finishing coat "'is a substance or chemical composition applied to the surface of an object that provides a barrier of protection from external elements . gloss or perceived " shine ".
  6. Broad spaces of background are now exposed by removing the finishing coat, thus revealing the colored plaster beneath, and following this the outlines of the rest of the design are scratched with an iron knife through the outer skimming to the underlying tinted surface.
  7. The flexibility and plastic qualities of joint compound make it a very versatile material both as sealer or finishing coat for wall surfaces, and also in decorative applications that range from machine sprayed texturing to hand-trowelled or even hand-crafted and sculptural finishes.
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