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  1. Finitism is an extreme version of intuitionism that rejects the idea of potential infinity.
  2. Skolem distrusted the completed infinite and was one of the founders of finitism in mathematics.
  3. Becker argued that Hilbert could not stick with finitism, but had to assume the potential infinite.
  4. John Philoponus was probably the first to use the argument that infinite time is impossible in order to establish temporal finitism.
  5. In defending his finitism against mathematical objections, he argues that the " definitions " of geometry actually support his account.
  6. The notion of temporal finitism was inspired by the doctrine of creation shared by the three Abrahamic religions : Judaism, Christianity and Islam.
  7. "' Temporal finitism "'is the doctrine that time is Aristotelian conception of the eternal with the Genesis creation narrative.
  8. According to Finitism, a mathematical object does not exist unless it can be constructed from the natural numbers in a finite number of steps.
  9. The primitive recursive functions are closely related to mathematical finitism, and are used in several contexts in mathematical logic where a particularly constructive system is desired.
  10. In his book " The Infinite ", Moore offers a thorough discussion of the idea of infinity and its history, and a defence of finitism.
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