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  1. Leicester a widower since 1560 had for many years been in hope of marrying Elizabeth herself, " for whose sake he had hitherto forborne marriage ", as he confessed to Lord North.
  2. Bill & Co . have taught you that viruses are inevitable, are the sole fault of the nasty virus writers, and are a fact of life that must be forborne, like STD's and bad weather.
  3. At least the atom bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki ended a war _ conventional bombing manifestly would not have done _ and at the same time filled the world with such a fear of fission that man has forborne the use of atomic and nuclear weapons ever since.
  4. The approved switch connect rate will be $ 0.0415 per minute per end; local service resale was approved; Toll Free remains regulated; other toll services will now be forborne from regulation; a new SIP program to replace outdated and Industry Canada-non compliant transmission networks was not approved.
  5. The writ was accompanied by a letter from the Lord Keeper of the Great Seal, Thomas Coventry; it read, " I . . . signify His Majesty's pleasure herein further; That, howsoever he gives way to the awarding of the writ, yet his meaning thereby is not to discharge any former direction for restraint of your Lordship's coming hither; but that you continue under the same restriction as you did before, so as your Lordship's personal attendance is to be forborne . " Lord Bristol nevertheless attended Parliament, arguing that a writ personally issued by the Sovereign was of more weight than the letter of a Lord Keeper.

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