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  1. Behind such frippery, however, lies a very serious business.
  2. But unlike that first car, this one shuns most of the fripperies.
  3. Tuesday night's story needs no television frippery.
  4. You know the kind of loquacious frippery I mean.
  5. To her, a hat is not frippery but a source of happiness.
  6. No matter what frippery the movie puts her through, she is radiant.
  7. Fashion leads to westernization, and westernization leads to frippery civilization said Vivekanda.
  8. This isn't frippery, she stressed.
  9. One certainly wishes that Palin's pauses for comic frippery were more inspired.
  10. "We are not here for fripperies, " the bishop thunders.
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