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  1. Note : Frise ailerons are primarily designed to reduce roll control forces.
  2. Long Frise ailerons were fitted to the upper wing only.
  3. The wings have conventional Frise ailerons and slotted flaps.
  4. A claimed benefit of the Frise aileron is the ability to counteract adverse yaw.
  5. The wing carried short span Frise ailerons outboard.
  6. This carries Fowler flaps along the whole trailing edge inboard of the Frise ailerons.
  7. Structurally, the largely wooden wings were based on pairs of box Frise ailerons were inset.
  8. Unfortunately, as well as reducing adverse yaw, Frise ailerons will increase the overall drag of the aircraft much more than applying rudder correction.
  9. F ( model or product F ) by the OKB ) because it offered the advantages of improved landing performance and better visibility from the Frise ailerons.
  10. Manually operated split trailing-edge flaps were fitted, and the controls surfaces consisted of differentially operated Frise ailerons which were mass balanced by lead strips within their leading edges.
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