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  1. Frit was also a significant component in some early European porcelains.
  2. FRIT quickly redeveloped the existing mall into the Assembly Square Marketplace.
  3. Several glass frit pastes are commercially available, e . g.
  4. The printed glass frit structures are heated to form compact glass.
  5. The key ingredient of vitreous enamel is finely ground glass called frit.
  6. It is also sometimes referred to in Egyptological literature as blue frit.
  7. Dutch speakers call fries " Frit,"
  8. At present are well known : the variat frit and roast suckling pig.
  9. Glass solders are available as frit powder with grain size below 60 micrometers.
  10. Evidence of the use of green frit is so far confined to Egypt.
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