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  1. Golden Horde helped Kaidu to put down the force of Chagatai Khanate.
  2. According to the poem, an envoy from the Golden Horde asked Khan.
  3. The Golden Horde no longer held power after their losses to Timur.
  4. It was a frightening prospect to make complains to the Golden Horde.
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  6. The dynasty descends from the great Mongol khans of the Golden Horde.
  7. In 1990 The Golden Horde signed to Mother / Island Records label.
  8. The Golden Horde was severely weakened by civil war and dynastic rivalries.
  9. He was confirmed in office by Tokhta, Khan of the Golden Horde.
  10. Mikhail was summoned to the Golden Horde and executed there in 1318.
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