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  1. Indeed, much of Hammerhead Productions'tactile tools are temporary.
  2. Watch for cruising hammerhead sharks and aggressive, scary moray eels.
  3. Kalt is tossing out more flares when a hammerhead clobbers them.
  4. JUPITER HAMMERHEADS _ Placed LHP Cliff Lee on the disabled list.
  5. JUPITER HAMMERHEADS _ Activated RHP Julio Perez from the disabled list.
  6. The Wilmington Hammerheads are a professional soccer team based in Wilmington.
  7. From left to right : leadzyme, hammerhead ribozyme, twister ribozyme
  8. An alternate version based off Mary Jane Watson's Hammerhead.
  9. The average great hammerhead measures up to long and weighs over.
  10. No conservation measures specifically protecting the great hammerhead have been enacted.
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