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  1. The handaxe came into the antiquarian museum of John Kemp.
  2. An Acheulean handaxe from the Lower Paleolithic has been found at Hopton nearby.
  3. His symbol is a crossed longsword and handaxe.
  4. The hand axe is an ovate handaxe made from cortex, and is in near perfect condition.
  5. A more refined and later version of handaxe production was found in the Abbeville / Somme River district.
  6. A flint handaxe was found nearby, Conyers was the first to argue that it was a human artefact.
  7. Physics then dictates a circular or oval end pattern, similar to the handaxe, for a leftover core after flake production.
  8. The more refined handaxe became known as the Acheulean industry, named after Saint-Acheul, today a suburb of Amiens.
  9. This handaxe is believed to be the earliest tool yet found in Europe; it was probably used as a knife for cutting up carcasses.
  10. Extremely archaic handaxe from the Quaternary fluvial terraces of Duero river ( Valladolid, Spain ) dated to Oldowan / Abbevillian period ( Lower Paleolithic ).
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