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  1. Battle Boogie has two handgrip " triggers ."
  2. Glancing toward the PNVS handgrip, Isaw that my knuckles had turned white.
  3. The DC motor is mounted downwards as a handgrip.
  4. The handgrip has stainless steel knuckles built in.
  5. Glancing toward the PNVS handgrip, I saw that my knuckles had turned white.
  6. You select the choice of sensor using a yellow switch on the leftTADS handgrip.
  7. The left and right handgrips are typically a bit more than shoulder width apart.
  8. The MG 74 also has a modern polymer stock and handgrips to save weight.
  9. A complementary maneuver for differentiating disorders is the handgrip maneuver, which increases afterload.
  10. This is very helpful for both the handgrip and the lifter's hips.
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