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  1. The night that Donna believed would be her last she remembers hazily.
  2. Behind us, the harbor is distantly, hazily visible.
  3. But it's hard to tell because it was hazily framed ."
  4. On screen or off, wet or dry, Chris Penn already seems hazily recognizable.
  5. I hazily remember walking to the clubhouse . . . . I was almost knocked out.
  6. This Farpoint Incident explains why Picard hazily recognizes the Premonition when he rescues it from the Borg.
  7. He was surrounded by people whose vaguely recognizable names float hazily in the city's collective memory.
  8. The sign for Vaughn's Pharmacy can be hazily detected under the painted face of one house.
  9. There's a movie I remember hazily from my childhood that I would like to know more about.
  10. Pale, gazing hazily upward, Agatha sits before us at the picture plane's edge, immediate and pathetic.
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