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  1. Hussar is survived by a sister, Denise Taranto of Paris.
  2. Tyler whips out his own weapon and shoots the hussar dead.
  3. Grenz and three squadrons of the Hussar Regiment Nr . 5.
  4. The three squadron strong 1st Hussar Regiment was attached to Lemoine.
  5. The verbunkos was an important component of the Hungarian hussar tradition.
  6. He became adjutant of the Northumberland Hussars on 1 April 1881.
  7. 1503 saw the formation of a first hussar unit in Poland.
  8. They also wore dark blue trousers and high imitation hussar boots.
  9. Some variants were used by cavalry, including the 10th Hussars.
  10. Later, Okhtyrka's Cossack regiment reformed into the Hussars.
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