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  1. It is not known how Brahmagupta arrived at his interpolation formula.
  2. This formula is called the Fuchs-Sutugin interpolation formula.
  3. This is an implementation of the Whittaker Shannon interpolation formula.
  4. Gou derived a cubic interpolation formula for his astronomical calculations.
  5. This is Stirling's interpolation formula truncated at the second-order differences.
  6. :Conceptually the simplest way to figure out that summation is through the Lagrange interpolation formula.
  7. For a more practical approach based on band-limited signals, see Whittaker Shannon interpolation formula.
  8. Applying the Lagrange interpolation formula to do quadratic interpolation on the inverse of " f " yields
  9. (also derived earlier, as mentioned above ) and the Brahmagupta interpolation formula for computing sine values.
  10. When that interval is, ] } }, the applicable reconstruction formula is the Whittaker Shannon interpolation formula.
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