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  1. In 196 BCE, the Greeks had the Isthmian Games.
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  3. Corinth was also the host of the Isthmian Games.
  4. During the Isthmian Games of ancient Greece, winners were crowned with wreaths of parsley.
  5. This takes place at the Isthmian Games at Corinth, coincidentally a festival dedicated to Neptune.
  6. The Olympic Games were more important and more prestigious than the Nemean, and Isthmian Games.
  7. The Altar of Poseidon was destroyed and control of the Isthmian Games was taken away from the city.
  8. In the more familiar variant, Palaemon, the patron of the Isthmian games, and Ino into Leucothea.
  9. Pal�mon tells Neptune that Na�s and the Corinthians are celebrating the Isthmian Games in the god's honour that very day.
  10. He excavated the temple, theater, two caves used for dining, and the two stadia used for the Isthmian Games.
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