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  1. She joined The Journal in 1998, covering entertainment for its Weekend Journal section.
  2. Word of the Personal Journal section was disclosed at a financial analysts'conference in December.
  3. On Fridays, Weekend Journal will appear in place of the new Personal Journal section.
  4. The new Journal section is edited by Joanne Lipman.
  5. After the shifting of the main library to the centenary building, the old premise houses the journal section.
  6. Original research, brief reports, perspectives including opinions and viewpoints and letters to the editor comprise the journal sections.
  7. I took my time to explain how each and every reference met MEDRS by fitting either under the Biomedical journal section or the Scientific organization section.
  8. In other words, Escapes will go toe-to-toe with The Wall Street Journal's Weekend Journal section, which has successfully assisted the upper crust in disposing of its excess cash.
  9. It is published by the Oxford Journals section of Oxford University Press, in partnership with the Hansard Society, which was created to promote parliamentary democracy throughout the world.
  10. Journal publisher Karen Elliot House noted that the company was seeing more consumer advertising since the expansion of its color printing capacity and the launch of the Personal Journal section, which features consumer-oriented stories.
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