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  1. In 1997, Lacewood Productions closed down and was taken over by Paragon Entertainment.
  2. Lacewood Studio in Ottawa, Canada, was in charge of animating the pilot episode.
  3. Lat believed Lacewood had accommodated him too often during the production, accepting his input without question.
  4. He went to the Barnburgh Junior School, followed by Lacewood Primary School, Wath Comprehensive in Rotherham.
  5. There are three primary schools in the village : Carrfield School, Heather Garth Primary School and Lacewood.
  6. Hinton took over animation for " The Raccoons ", and produced animation for projects under Wiseman's own Lacewood Productions.
  7. "' Monster Force "'was a 13-episode animated television series created in 1994 by Universal Cartoon Studios and Canadian studio Lacewood Productions.
  8. "Gain " is less persuasive in the Lacewood sections, where the writing style is ultramodern _ present-tense prose sprinkled with brand names and wisecracking dialogue.
  9. Dale Broholm's " Lacewood Book Pedestal, " too, is a tall, narrow cabinet in lushly grained wood you wouldn't want to get wet.
  10. The Hormel Center is a circular room, 34 feet in diameter, paneled in oak, cherry and lacewood, where a dozen people will be able to study at any time.
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