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  1. The arrows show the direction of rotation of the Lissajous figure.
  2. The figure below summarizes how the Lissajous figure changes over different phase shifts.
  3. Even a simple harmonograph as described can create ellipses, spirals, figure eights and other Lissajous figures.
  4. *The Dadaist artist Max Ernst painted Lissajous figures directly by swinging a punctured bucket of paint over a canvas.
  5. Highest accuracy signals are obtained if the Lissajous Figure is circular ( no gain or phase error ) and perfectly centred.
  6. Quadrature sine / cosine signals can be monitored easily by using an oscilloscope in XY mode to display a circular Lissajous Figure.
  7. Lissajous figure on an oscilloscope, displaying a 1 : 3 relationship between the frequencies of the vertical and horizontal sinusoidal inputs, respectively.
  8. Below are examples of Lissajous figures with } }, an odd natural number, an even natural number, and = 1 } }.
  9. Lissajous figures were sometimes displayed on oscilloscopes meant to simulate high-tech equipment in science-fiction TV shows and movies in the 1960s and 1970s.
  10. The typical way to consider polarization is to keep track of the orientation of the electric field Lissajous figure that describes the " polarization state ".
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