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  1. I got a wig, a fantastic makeup man, and it worked.
  2. One of Streep's makeup men once said, " There's no glycerin with Meryl.
  3. I cried for two weeks _ ask Roy, my makeup man.
  4. Park's makeup man puts the final touches on her eyebrows.
  5. For one, the big guy has a new makeup man and a new voice coach.
  6. Dick Smith, NBC's legendary makeup man, found that his job called for constant problem solving.
  7. Just as in the TV debates, he showed that he is his own makeup man.
  8. No one wants to know about your makeup man and your hairdresser and that stuff,
  9. Everything from directors, musicians, singers, dancers, makeup men etc ., all are the villagers themselves.
  10. Reba McEntire squints her eyes shut as her makeup man refluffs and sprays her titian hair.
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