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  1. Of course his talk about the First Amendment is really a makeweight.
  2. As a makeweight to Ostend, Maurice of Nassau, Prince of Orange meditated States-General.
  3. Harkness is contemptuous of Horton, regarding him as a makeweight on the committee and a loose cannon politically.
  4. The club's Portuguese winger Ricardo Quaresma could be used as a makeweight in Deco's possible transfer.
  5. In April 1908, Fraser joined Bradford Park Avenue of the Southern League as a makeweight in the transfer of Middlesbrough.
  6. We now learn from CIA documents how several administrations used the Kurds as makeweights to stymie Iraq or Iran, or both.
  7. Similarly, you could loan a big-name player worth millions and then use him as a makeweight in transfer deals.
  8. It is always at the back of your mind that these so-called makeweight countries come with an unexpected result so often,
  9. Yet from others, there was a sense of disapproval at the seemingly shallow fa�ade of " makeweight chugging alt-rock, ".
  10. Johnson was used as the makeweight in a transfer deal for Clinton Morrison, valued at ?50, 000 for the purposes of the transaction.
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