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  1. Ironically, Hayes'offense favored the same kind of maneuverability.
  2. The addition of Carney gives Coach Jim Schoenfeld some intriguing maneuverability.
  3. However, there isn't much room for financial maneuverability.
  4. This allows greater range maneuverability which can result in better precision.
  5. It features excellent maneuverability and low draft suitable for shallow waters.
  6. Despite this, the airplane's maneuverability is relatively poor.
  7. Was it motivated by maneuverability or the mixed speed mission profile?
  8. He again reiterates the two issues : Air superiority and maneuverability.
  9. A high level of maneuverability requires a low level of stability.
  10. In addition, they were slow and suffered from poor maneuverability.
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