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  1. About three days ago, it had shrunk nearly to meaninglessness.
  2. This exploration of meaninglessness is a hallmark of existentialism and absurdism.
  3. This added more meaninglessness to an already meaningless baseball season.
  4. Fincher's attitude, apparently, is that meaninglessness is all.
  5. The very meaninglessness of life forces man to create his own meaning.
  6. The meaninglessness of Tuesday's vote is indicated by its unanimity.
  7. There's lots of noise, fast cuts, and meaninglessness.
  8. Afterwards Millstatt fell into meaninglessness and the monastic buildings decayed.
  9. The series examined the decadence and meaninglessness of modern, western life.
  10. Friends watched with pity as my life deteriorated into a pile of meaninglessness.
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