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  1. Measures out to 6 feet, 11 inches . . . in socks.
  2. Now she is suspicious of strangers, and carefully measures out her words.
  3. There are no calories to count or tiny portions to measure out.
  4. Drain over a bowl and measure out 1 quart of cooking liquid.
  5. With Gore, candor and self-deprecation are commodities measured out in precise, controlled doses.
  6. Measure out 11 / 2 cups of the combined cake batter.
  7. Measure out one and a half cups macaroni and set by the stove.
  8. Measure out 1 / 2 cup plus 1 tablespoon sugar and set aside.
  9. Measure out beef into 1 / 2-cup increments and form patties.
  10. Only a sorcerer could feel comfortable measuring out most patients'life spans.
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