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  1. Ten years ago, replanting would have proceeded with metronomic regularity.
  2. There were metronomic rallies filled with one acrobatic return after another.
  3. Metronomic Michael retrieves everything, slaps it back, drives you mad.
  4. The more seasoned Khannouchi simply kept up his rhythmic, metronomic consistency.
  5. There are plenty of hypnotic moments where Zakir proves his metronomic precision.
  6. Hetfield and Burton performed with palm muted technique and precise metronomic control.
  7. These horses usually have a metronomic trot and ample suspension.
  8. He rattled up 54 unforced errors to just 14 from the metronomic Muster.
  9. The song also includes an uptempo metronomic drumming rhythm.
  10. His gestures were metronomic, his smiles forced.
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