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  1. Associated with the granite batholith was the creation of numerous mineral veins.
  2. Some time after its deposition, mineral veins were formed in the limestone.
  3. Mineral veins can also be seen within the limestone of the dale.
  4. The mineral veins of the Bowland series have been exploited for lead ore.
  5. The main mineral veins were exploited in the mines of Colonne, Licony e Larsinaz.
  6. It produced some mineral veins with lead, silver, zinc, copper and tin-tungsten skarn at Kara.
  7. In strip mining, huge machines tear away all the rock and earth above a mineral vein.
  8. In 1853, W B Lead began driving the Park Level Mine, which eventually intersected 11 mineral veins.
  9. Sarabauite can be found there in mineral veins through altered limestone containing quartz, wollastonite, calcite, stibnite and senarmonite.
  10. Also associated with the granite batholith was the creation of "'mineral veins "'in parts of the Lake District.
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