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  1. In jurisdictions that use the term, it is differentiated from mistake of fact.
  2. Justice Dickson took a different approach to the defence of mistake of fact.
  3. Mistake of fact is unavailable in respect to absolute liability offences.
  4. This is particularly true where, as here, the accused has raised the defense of mistake of fact.
  5. Lever Brothers Ltd therefore brought a claim for rescission of the compensation package on grounds of mistake of fact.
  6. During the trial the issue arose of whether the defence of mistake of fact should be put to the jury.
  7. Lord Simonds discussed why a mistake of law was different from a mistake of fact, because " ignorantia juris neminem excusat ".
  8. Their Lordships turn to Dextra's claim to recover its money as having been paid to the BOJ under a mistake of fact.
  9. Examples include diminished capacity to understand the wrongfulness of the action, or a mistake of fact that affected the intention of the litigant.
  10. She said in court papers that the marriage was a " mutual mistake of fact and was entered into solely for an entertainment purpose ."
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