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  1. Of course my concern is that a mistake of law should be avoided.
  2. This was a mistake of law that we seek to correct,
  3. I do not believe he made mistakes of law.
  4. Where, moreover, reliance on Southland did make a significant difference, rescission of the contract for mistake of law would often be available.
  5. It then concluded that Sergeant Darisse's mistake of law was objectively reasonable and that he had reasonable suspicion to stop Heien's vehicle.
  6. Lord Simonds discussed why a mistake of law was different from a mistake of fact, because " ignorantia juris neminem excusat ".
  7. It certainly is true that mere mistakes of law in the course of a trial are not to be corrected in that way.
  8. However if a party is " induced " to enter into a contract by the mistake of law then such a contract is not valid.
  9. The defense is a mistake of fact, ie ., whether the victim was 18 years or more of age, rather than a mistake of law.
  10. The law makes a distinction between mistake of law and mistake of fact : being unaware of a law, and being unaware of a " "'material " "'fact.
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