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  1. A narrow band filter, such as a notch filter, requires low damping.
  2. This limitation may preclude its use in some low-pass and notch filters.
  3. Adaptive algorithms are often used to automatically tune these notch filters.
  4. *"'notch filter to reject the cross modulation products must be used at the output.
  5. Or search for " notch filter " on the Web for plenty of sources.
  6. The user can select a low-pass filter, high-pass filter, band-pass filter, or notch filter.
  7. You might consider a type of notch filter, or detuning by a half step.
  8. These are notch filters usually in an array of six, eight, and sometimes four units.
  9. As well, these amplifiers often contain feedback-suppressing devices, such as notch filters or parametric equalizers.
  10. Parametric equalization and notch filters are commonly used by sound engineers to manually control feedback.
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