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  1. Only broken-off beams and one wall remained.
  2. A few seconds later, only broken-off beams and one wall remained.
  3. A few seconds later, only broken-off beams and one teetering wall remained.
  4. Only broken-off beams remained.
  5. Reports that 1, 000 might be on their way to Afghanistan were " way off beam, " he added.
  6. Until those wanting this image suppressed criticise the child pornography posts, they are accepting support from someone who is way off beam.
  7. :: And I will continue to defend Brooke, and Housman, and, yes, even Kipling, off beam or not.
  8. It can replace calcite, titanium dioxide or lithium niobate in Glan Taylor prisms, Glan Thompson prisms, walk-off beam splitters and other optical components.
  9. "Five years is perhaps off beam, but we'd certainly like Paul to stay with Rangers if that's what he wants to do,"
  10. The " aperture function " cuts off beams scattered above a certain critical angle ( given by the objective pole piece for ex ), thus effectively limiting the attainable resolution.
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