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  1. Gratitude and appreciation oil the wheels of daily living.
  2. "The government is using workers'pensions money to oil the wheels of an already discredited deal, " union spokesman Patrick Craven said.
  3. For example, " oil the wheels " and " grease the wheels " allow variation for nouns that elicit a similar literal meaning.
  4. So Sheikh Zayed created the UAE Marriage Fund, which gives away 250 million dirhams ( $ 68 million ) a year to oil the wheels of marriage in the UAE.
  5. It should give priority to the WTO, because that is where big deals can be done _ deals which offer something to everyone and thereby oil the wheels of domestic politics.
  6. But the simple truth is that those who follow statutory procedures and are either too stupid or too naive to oil the wheels of the bureaucracy have to be ready to be ignored.
  7. We will search for ways to find some financial breathing room that lets us make the paralyzed engine of the economy start to produce, generate jobs, bring income and oil the wheels of production.
  8. Throughout the region, traffickers spend about 10 percent of cocaine's street value _ or dlrs 2, 000 per kilo ( dlrs 900 per pound ) _ to oil the wheels along the smuggling route, he said.
  9. Already, cocktail parties, dinners and dances have become more traditionally Chinese _ less about society in the Old World sense and more about money and " guanxi, " the word connoting the connections that oil the wheels of Chinese business.
  10. The train had been travelling from South Amboy to Bordentown at a speed of, when despite having stopped " to oil the wheels " and slowing to, a journal box overheated ( a condition known as hot box ) and caught fire, causing an axle to break on one of the carriages, derailing and overturning it.
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