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  1. In the back he keeps shelves of old motor oilcans, and racks of Daisy air guns.
  2. On the other hand, the oilcan stilts they later sport are empowering, turning them into giants.
  3. Mighty Mouse's adventures later focused on Pearl Pureheart and Oilcan Harry; the dialogue in these episodes were always sung by the characters.
  4. In addition, items like wedding dresses specific to Tekirda, censers, oilcans, dowry bundles, money bags etc . are on display.
  5. "Oilcans make the home, " said Alex Shear gleefully as he stood in the dining room of his Upper West Side Manhattan apartment.
  6. Oilcan Harry's : camo, sure, if you're a woman named Dewayne; women's clothing, sure, if you're a man named Shirley.
  7. At Recherche Studio, there was a quintessential New England artifact : a sterling silver miniature oilcan, made by Tiffany, for adding just a few drops of vermouth to that dry martini.
  8. Confused, the Coyote approaches the trap with an oilcan, applies a tiny drop of oil to the base ( while standing inside the trap ), and then it finally closes-- on him.
  9. "It's just the convergence of a million things going on, " said Scott Percifull, president of the Austin Tavern Guild and a bartender at Oilcan Harry's on West Fourth Street.
  10. Doering is now the co-host ( with Adam " The Oilcan " Reardon ) on a sports radio talk show called " The Sports Fix " and broadcast on ESPN Radio AM 900 and AM 1230 in Gainesville and Ocala, Florida.
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