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  1. There is also a new'Organic Law on Peace-Building in Bougainville ".
  2. A legislative committee drafted a code of laws known as the Organic Law.
  3. Juridically, organic laws are at the same level as ordinary laws.
  4. "' Civil Registry Organic Law Project : Limitation upon the inscription of names"
  5. The organic laws were based on the laws of Iowa Territory.
  6. The Organic Law from the 20th of August 1989 defined EDH s responsibilities.
  7. During his administration, a new Municipal Organic Law came into force.
  8. In the absence of an organic law a territory is classified as unorganized.
  9. Judges and public prosecutors are permanent in the manner defined in the organic law.
  10. On July 26, 1845 a public vote passed the amended Organic Laws of Oregon.
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