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  1. "' Organization and Methods "'is a historical term in management science.
  2. Ultimately, if the enterprise fails to improve its organization and methods, it will fail.
  3. Divisions of Organization and Methods were charged with devising and managing large scale administrative procedures.
  4. For this reason at Chelsea I'm trying to imitate Juventus in the organization and method of preparation,"
  5. It remains very clear that the Somali's unique organization and method of calculation was undoubtedly developed in Somalia.
  6. The system should be independent of company organization and methods of ship building, ship operation, maintenance and repair.
  7. He mainly helps multinational clients improve their organizations and methods by using " evolutionary systems delivery " ( Evo ).
  8. Like the reorganized Roman legions of old however, the later Zulu system dispensed with such distinctions in favor of one streamlined combat organization and method.
  9. In 1910, Hine became temporary special representative of President Taft, planning ways to improve the organization and methods of the executive departments of the United States government.
  10. It resembled other vigilance societies in organization and methods, though did not share some of the shadier tactics of some other vigilance committees and members of the regulator movement.
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