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  1. From 1969 until his election to the ICJ in 1980, Ago completed work on part 1 of the draft articles, addressing the origin of state responsibility.
  2. Jared Diamond was influential in the resurgence of environmental determinism due to the popularity of his book " Guns, Germs, and Steel ", which addresses the geographic origins of state formation prior to 1500 A . D.
  3. Can you name a political science term to describe the sort of " trust through firepower " described in the first paragraph, or reference the idea of analyzing the origin of states in terms of some sort of game theory of trust ? talk ) 20 : 57, 22 November 2014 ( UTC)
  4. In " States and Power, " he provides an overview of the existing scientific theories on the origins of states, the varying capacities of states to effect economic development, to exert geo-political power, to offer social welfare benefits, to shape national cultures, and on the role of ordinary citizens to influence state policies.
  5. In the following year ( 1959 ) his " Aspects of Political Ideas and Institutions in Ancient India ", apart from national chauvinist and revivalist approach of earlier Historians, emphasised the material basis of the power structure in Ancient India, a point he also stressed in his later work " The Origin of State in India ( 1990 ) ".

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