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  1. He has gone back to his original agent, Gary Wichard.
  2. Farrior's contract negotiations became complicated two weeks ago when he suddenly dropped his original agent, Brad Blank.
  3. But in the summer, he fired his original agent, Arn Tellem, and hired Tony Dutt and James Bryant.
  4. If the principal decreases, the original investor is allowed to ask the original agent to cover the loss.
  5. As the number of original agents retired or died, the " friendlies " started to be promoted to agent status.
  6. One of the original agents that sued Allstate Insurance Co . over unreimbursed expenses is defecting and plans to oppose the settlement.
  7. The server would complete the transaction, fill out results data in the original agent, and migrate it back to the user's device.
  8. Stretford had told the jury he had not represented Rooney before December 2002 when the player was still under contract to his original agent, Peter McIntosh.
  9. Smith said he had some uneasiness during the negotiations, which began in February after Smith fired his original agent, Richard Howell, and replaced him with Eugene Parker.
  10. Emotions are a kind of message and therefore can influence the emotions, attributions and ensuing behaviors of others, potentially evoking a feedback process to the original agent.
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