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  1. "Toni and I don't think of this as a very original book.
  2. Obviously, he has never read the original book that Al Stump produced.
  3. There is also a " Part Two " to that original book.
  4. In the original book  Ritmiek en organisatiedynamiek, several cases are described.
  5. Deep Throat, he writes, was not mentioned in the original book proposal.
  6. Many of the original books from the tavern are still in existence.
  7. In Ms . Pacovska's original book, the images unfold page by page.
  8. If anything, author / director Lapine has marginally tweaked his original book.
  9. Some of the library's original books and town records are still preserved.
  10. The covers of the original books show Sophie Bould and Jessie Jones.
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