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  1. Struvite and calcium oxalate stones are by far the most common.
  2. With the addition of oxalic acid, the yttrium oxalate precipitates.
  3. The oxalate is converted into the oxide by heating under oxygen.
  4. That's from all the oxalates _ spinach has them too.
  5. But they also contain oxalates, compounds that interfere with calcium absorption.
  6. Cooking purslane reduces overall soluble oxalate content by 27 %.
  7. Regular dietary ingestion of oxalates may contribute to kidney stones.
  8. There is no recommended diet to dissolve calcium oxalate stones.
  9. This resistance is conferred by these plants'ability to produce oxalate.
  10. Oxalates bind to calcium and prevent its absorption in the human body.
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